Team and Skills

The DSH team holds a certain vision of tailor-mesure architecture which isn't necessarily elitist but which guides the customer towards concepts which they wouldn't necessarily have automatically built-in.

With the aim of favorising creativity, energy and innovation, DSH makes a point of hiring young architects. The team is thus made up of a unique combination of the energy of young talents and the expertise of the founders of the Atelier.

The Atelier DSH takes into consideration the different scales of the project: the urbanistic context, the formal expression of the building, the organisation of the space and the smallest design elements of the furniture.

Thierry Sherrington

Architect, partner.

Stéphane Dortu

Architect, partner.

Arne Fritzlar

Architect, partner.

Nicolas Jacques

Architect, partner.

Martin Lecrompe

Architect, Urban Planner

Victoria Gérard

Laurane Sottiaux

Nisrine Atallah

Thomas Fréson

Sally Sahloul

Thi Mai Hanocq

Valentine Keuninckx